e-magazines: fast, responsive and measureable

An online magazine is ‘the next step’ in communication. Your target group can decide for itself where, when and on which device it will read your message. You can add rich content to it, too, personalise it and, better still, every click or swipe can be measured.

HR magazine

• An online staff magazine has endless content possibilities


• Use videos to explain new processes in the company


• Employees can register directly for activities


• Collect data from the reading behaviour of your employees


• Add a contact form or a poll

Annual report

• Show your figures in a dynamic manner


• Raise your annual report to a higher level with graphs and full-screen videos


• Allow your readers to swipe, scroll and click


• Reach a larger target group when readers share your content online


• Share your annual report via mail or put it on your website


• Measure reading behaviour via Google Analytics

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