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Pricing packages

Whether you want to boost your online presence with an effective content strategy or conquer new markets with quality translations, we have developed exclusive packages to meet your needs.


Do you have a very specific need?

Don't worry, we also offer à la carte services! Contact us now to discuss your requirements, and we'll provide you with the ideal solution via a customized quotation.

Content Suite: Social media & SEO
Profitable content for your business, plain and simple

Do you lack the time or resources to create and publish compelling content? Our Content Suite package has been specially designed to help you keep your social networks, blog and website active and engaging. Don't worry, we're here to make your life easier.


This package provides a turnkey solution, adapted to the size of your company, including 3 scalable pricings that you can adjust to your needs. You'll finally be able to concentrate on your real added value! Try our straightforward, transparent approach to your content.


3 options tailored to your needs

€ 800/month

Recommended for SMEs

  • Monthly:

    • 1 Blog article

    • 4 Social Media posts 
      (1 Social Media channels)


  • ​Yearly: 

    • 1 "Essential" video

    • 1 Smart content roadmap



Kick-off meeting:                         Online

Dedicated account manager:          No

OPTIONS (monthly)

  • 1 extra language                     250€

  • 1 extra social media channel  90€

Most popular

€ 1300/month

Recommended for medium-size SMEs

  • Monthly:

    • 1 Blog article

    • 4 Social Media posts 
      (1 Social Media channels)

  • ​Yearly: 

    • 1 "Prime" video

    • 1 Advanced content plan

    • SEO priority keywords

    • 3 SEO cold contents

    • 1 workshop


Kick-off meeting:                          Online

Dedicated success manager:          Yes

OPTIONS (monthly)

  • 1 extra language                      450€

  • 1 extra social media channel.  90€

  • Social media ads 
    ​(media cost exc.)                      450€

€ 2000/month

Recommended for medium-large enterprises

  • Monthly:

    • 2 Blog articles

    • 8 Social Media posts
      (2 Social Media channels)

  • ​Yearly: 

    • 1 "Prime" video

    • 1 Advanced content plan

    • 1 Long Read content

    • SEO priority keywords

    • 6 SEO cold contents 

    • 1 workshop

Kick-off meeting:                          Custom

Dedicated success manager:             Yes

OPTIONS (monthly)

  • 1 extra language                         650€

  • 1 extra social media channel    120€

  • Social media ads 
    ​(media cost exc.)                         480€

Would you like to test before you decide?

€ 250/month

  • 1 Blog articles

  • 2 Social Media posts
    1 Social Media channel)

Try out our social media and blog writing. 3 month maximum.

"At IBIS communication, we understand the challenges of SMEs and limited time budget for content creation. Yet for content marketing, regularity is crucial. Thanks to our methodology and recent technological advances, we can reduce production costs to make regular content creation accessible."

Quentin De Meuter

General manager

The advantages of our Content Suite:

✓ Save precious time by outsourcing content creation

✓ Never be surprised thanks to our affordable fixed monthly rates

✓ Easily adaptable to your needs and budget

✓ Increase your results by bringing regularity to your publications

✓ Grow your audience by investing gradually

✓ Improved SEO, conversion rate and online visibility

E-Commerce Suite: SEO-friendly translations
Easily expand your international presence step by step

Unlike semi-automated translation tools, our team of expert digital marketing translators ensures that your article descriptions are translated seamlessly for your local audience. What's more, search engines are placing increasing importance on the quality of translated content for SEO purposes. With our e-commerce translation package, you can be sure that your content will be translated with the highest quality, improving your online visibility and search rankings.

We also translate your visuals and banners directly into the target language, ensuring that your message and visual identity are perfectly conveyed.

SEO-vriendelijke vertalingen.png

3 packages to optimize your e-commerce translations

50 products

€ 270/month

1 language

  • Basic kit translations

  • 4 monthly products descriptions

  • 50 keywords SEO list

  • 1 monthly visual material translation

OPTIONS (monthly)

1 extra language                                240€

Most popular

100 products

€ 450/month

1 language

  • Basic kit translations

  • 8 monthly product descriptions

  • 100 keywords SEO list

  • 1 monthly visual material translation

OPTIONS (monthly)

1 extra language                                360€

200 products

€ 750/month

1 language

  • Basic kit translations

  • 16 monthly product descriptions

  • 200 keywords SEO list

  • 2 monthly visual material translation


OPTIONS (monthly)

1 extra language                                680€

Amortize your translation costs on a monthly basis

When exploring new markets, it's essential to minimize risks and initial costs. Our monthly offer allows you to start translating your content into a specific language without any long-term commitment, giving you the freedom to test and evaluate the receptivity of your target audience before investing further.


Our monthly offer lets you benefit from attractive rates, as you pay a fixed amount each month for the translation of your content into a given language. This allows you to plan and manage your expenses more effectively, avoiding budgetary surprises.

The advantages of our E-Commerce Suite:

✓ Professional translations tailored to your e-commerce product volume.

✓ Improved conversion rate and SEO.

✓ Preserving the integrity of your brand internationally.

✓ Translation experts specialized in digital marketing at your service.

✓ Simplified management of monthly translations and cost allocation.



Annik Vansteenbeeck

Account manager

Do you need a customized formula for a unique project? We are at your service Discuss your requirements with us, without obligation.

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