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IBIS communications: accurate translations
tailored to your needs

We translate your content, constantly balancing fidelity and creativity. A choice for our team of experts is a choice for a smooth and effective collaboration.

Our translation agency provides quality translations in a varied set of domains and in an almost endless array of language combinations.

Always an accurate translation

Our clients can rest easy: our translators are screened for their quality, experience and competence. They are true language enthusiasts with professional pride and they only settle for the best possible translation.

Illustratie native speakers
Blauw kleurvak

Only native speakers,
for us an obvious choice

A translation must not only be accurate, but also come across as natural. To ensure the quality and precision of our translations, all of our translators are native speakers working in their own native language. They understand the linguistic nuances of the target language like no other and deliver a translation that appeals to your target audience.

We simplify your translation project regardless of your specific needs . Different language combinations? We take care of it. Do you want us to translate directly into an existing layout? We provide you with an impeccable translation in the requested file format. Tight deadlines and long-term projects, translation into your CMS or directly into an elegant layout ... We’ve got you covered.

Translations tailored to your project

Our specializations



We translate your legal documents with the required precision




Our team produces crystal-clear translations of your technical texts




We translate your medical texts using the appropriate terminology




Our translators use the right tone of voice for your target audience

Specialized translators at your fingertips

One point of contact, a diverse team of language experts. Through IBIS communications, you can call on the specialist who is a perfect fit for your sector or activity. From accurate translations of technical texts and jargon to the localization of engaging and persuasive marketing texts, our translation agency has the specialist for your sector and target audience.

If you want an official document translated for use abroad, you sometimes need a sworn or legalized translation. Like birth certificates and passports. If you are not sure whether you need a sworn or legalized translation, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are happy to help you.

Need a sworn or legalized translation?

Need more information? Get in touch with our translations department!

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