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Professional transcriptions for quality translations

To translate text from audio or video, you need accurate and reliable transcription. At IBIS communications, we specialize in providing high-quality transcription services that serve as a solid foundation for impeccable translations.

Accurate transcriptions for error-free translations

Our transcription experts are trained to capture every detail of your audio or video file, ensuring an accurate and complete transcription. We understand the importance of every word and nuance for a smooth, accurate translation. By entrusting your transcriptions or subtitles to us, you will have a top-quality reference text for our translators to work with.

Thanks to our team of highly qualified and specialized translators, we can provide high-quality translations in many languages. Whether you want to enter new international markets or communicate with multilingual clients, we have the skills to adapt your content to the target language, while maintaining the original meaning, tone and style.

High-quality translations in various languages

Fast deadlines for maximum customer satisfaction

’Time is money’. Dead right. We realize all too well that your time is precious to you. Therefore, we make every effort to provide you with transcriptions in one or more languages within a tight deadline. We do our very best to provide you with an exceptional customer experience by ensuring that you receive your finished content as quickly as possible.

Contact us now for high-quality transcriptions and subtitles

Don't let language barriers get in the way of your success. Trust us with your transcriptions and translations and benefit from a professional and reliable service that will help you generate revenue and achieve your business goals. Contact us now to discuss your projects and receive a personalized quote.

Or simply call 0497 49 03 61

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